Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Changing Our Hearts

Changing - the change or changes we'd all like to see ... begin with us.
Our - inclusive; we're all in this together - "our" hearts means our own, individual hearts, our Austin, our Texas, our USA, our World hearts ...
Hearts - most folks are familiar with the phrase "what's in your heart"; heart is essentially synonymous with love, which is fundamental to the Greatest Commandment.

Note: A new year is a time of renewal, so it should be with a "blog". The above is actually my entry to a "vision statement contest" at church. I accidentally published it here on the Peak Opportunities blog, when I thought I was submitting it to the church blog. I was about to remove it when I thought, no, it belongs here as well.

Most of us in the "Peak Oil Community" believe that "Peak Oil" is essentially old news, by now. This despite the fact that probably 75 % of folks have never heard of it, by my crude estimates (little pun problem I seem to have). Of that 25 % who have heard of Peak Oil, maybe only half of those understand it and believe it. Nevertheless, from here on we'll try to focus more on the Peak Opportunities - the action items - and less on "proving up Peak Oil".

Sure, we'll have the occasional news on the Cantarell declines, and a few statistics here and there. However, we'll try to focus more on what we can do, what we can change. Not that we haven't had some big picture ideas before (see our The Coming Liquid Fuels Crisis: The Natural Gas Partial Solution.) But from Peak Oil we'll drill down (can't seem to help it) as we can - and we'll "drill up" (philosophize) a little, too.

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